Terms and conditions

Royal Plumbing, LLC offers the following warranties in connection with our work. These warranties are for residential services only. Failure, however, to make timely payment voids all warranties.

Note: warranties for subcontracted work will be those of the subcontractor. Customer will be notified, prior to job commencement, of any work not provided by Royal Plumbing.

Repair warranty

We warranty all repair work for 90 days except for faucet washers or seats or toilet flush valves, in which case the warranty is 30 days.

1-Year Installation Warranty:
We warranty for one year all water heater and fixture installations that we supply and install. If the unit fails within that time, we’ll fix it, no questions asked, with no parts or labor charge. After one year, the manufacturer’s warranty controls. We reserve the right to pass along any warranty repair to a manufacturer-authorized repair service.

7-Day Clog Free Warranty:
After any snaking, we warranty your drain to remain unclogged for 7 days unless noted separately on the invoice. This warranty is limited to proper clean out access and does not cover lines that have collapsed, are clogged with a foreign object (such as rags, moist wipes, sanitary products), damaged, misaligned, or have been clogged due to negligence. For an additional charge we can examine your line with a sewer camera to determine the line’s apparent structural integrity. If your line is structurally sound and is being blocked by roots, we offer a product called Root X that when applied will offer a no clog warranty of up to 12 months (terms and conditions apply).

5-Year Warranty on Sewer Line Replacement:
If we replace your main sewer line, either in your home or out to the street, the portion that we replace carries a five year no clog warranty. There is no warranty if the clog or back up results from a problem either upstream or downstream from the section that was replaced. Any offsets or fixture branches come under the one-year fixture installation.

No Customer Supplied Material Warranty:
Unfortunately, we offer no warranty on customer supplied material. Our warranty covers only products and material that we supply. Customers will be responsible for payment on work where the supplied product cannot be completely installed due to manufacture defects, lack of proper material, or incompatibility.

All warranties are subject to proper product use. Abuse, negligence, or customer inflicted damage voids all warranties. These warranties do not cover events and accidents that result from natural causes and cannot be anticipated and provided against (“acts of God”), from a failure of normal maintenance, or from normal wear and tear. The above warranties cover only repair or replacement. Royal Plumbing, LLC assumes no responsibility for resulting damages. The use of another company as to any Royal Plumbing, LLC work voids our warranty.

Payment terms

For residential work, payment is due upon completion of the job and is deemed late after seven days.

For commercial work, payment is due within 30 days of invoice date.

Late payments are subject to a nonrefundable $30 rebilling fee. Bad checks will incur a $35 bad check fee.

Customer agrees to pay Royal Plumbing all expenses, including reasonable attorney fees, should Royal Plumbing institute legal proceedings for the payment of its bill. Customer consents to jurisdiction and venue for any legal proceedings in the Oakland County, MI courts.

“Royal Plumbing has been there to deliver timely repairs and expert advice on the plumbing systems in ten rental homes that I own. He insists that everything is up to code and will “go the extra mile” to insure everything is done properly. His pricing is extremely reasonable and he stands behind his work.”

• David Snow, SnowFish Properties, LLC