Investigative services

Diagnostic services and expert testimony

Royal Plumbing offers in-depth forensic diagnosis of complex and specialized plumbing problems. Owner and Master Plumber Noah Klein can diagnose problematic plumbing, expose hazardous conditions, and detect code violations. He has extensive experience in developing code-approved solutions for challenging plumbing problems. Royal Plumbing can also arrange for lab testing of failed plumbing components for further analysis. After diagnosing the problem, we can provide a quote for repair work or an RFP (Request for Proposals) so that you may bid out the work. Whether you’re a building owner, service company, or attorney, you can rely on Royal Plumbing to investigate the issues, write a detailed report, and provide expert-witness guidance and testimony.

Royal Plumbing’s mission is to provide high-quality, fairly priced plumbing work. Our customers range from single-site entities to businesses with hundreds of locations. Our knowledge of specialized concepts and components enables us to diagnose a range of plumbing problems quickly and accurately. Our extensive experience with local codes and plumbing laws ensures fact-based reporting and testimony. With our reliable services and deep industry knowledge, Royal Plumbing will earn your continued business.


“When one of our high-rise buildings experienced a malfunction that resulted in our cold water pipes delivering hot water, Noah was able to investigate the problem, properly diagnose a complex issue, and recommend a cost-effective repair. I place my trust in Noah and his team to provide expert advice and quality service.”

• Bob Burrell, Property Manager, The Condominium Group, a division of Bruce G. Pollock and Associates